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hi o tomosu sabita mune yusaburu tsuki

hayagane sae osaete kokoro o sukusugu tooku demo chikaku garasu no kyori

hiekitta te ga watareba keshisaru hodo

tayutau aozorashiritai toketai furetai toketai

aitai "tokete itai" agetai toketaime ni fureru karui yume tokei no hoshi

tomadou koi kasumete kizu o ubaufuto yogiru hai no hate

shibire, motsure

nanairo no toki hikitsuke

mirai de nakuyoake no sono saki de matenai

maichiru ondo ni furuete iru tsumasaki

mayoi ga tarinaiaru hodo kowakute todoku to omoete

owari ga mienakute sore de mo, motometeitami kasoku saseru shouhaku wa

kakera o atsumeta jibun dake no habataku katachi"kaerenai" to waraou hashireru

kasanari tsunaide kizamitsuke katameta

kako kara tobitatsu

English translation

My rusted bosom lights up a scarlet flame while the moon's shadow flickers.

I caress my heart, trying to suppress my speeding palpitation.A glass-like distance away, closely far but distantly close,

if I reach my freezingly cold hand over,

I might immediately shatter this swaying cerulean sky.I want to know it, melt into it, come into contact with it, and fuse into it.

I want to merge with it, stay dissolved in it, and then separate from it.Shallow dreams raining down on sprouts, and stars of rectangular timepieces,

they blur and pillage away the confounded willful love, but also the injury as well.At the edge of the suddenly brewing ashy rain clouds,

I feel paralyzed and become snarled,

so I pull up at the split moment of seven colors,

and weep in my future.I cannot keep on waiting until after daybreak.

My toes are shivering at the dissipating heat.

I don't have enough bewilderment.I'm afraid. I think I can get through,

but the final stop is nowhere in sight. Still, just keep on searching...My impulse, accelerating my pain beyond imagination, is the distorted shape

of my ready-to-fly self, while I have been gathering my memory's fragments."We cannot return." Yes, let's just laugh it off.

Now we can start running, shoulder-to-shoulder, hand-to-hand.

Now we shall fly away from the indented and hardened tracks of our past.

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