Eden - Nocturne lyrics

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If u fall, I'll catch u


So I've been thinkin' bout somethin'

Lately I've been alive

Cos' I found my reason in nothin'

So I won't close my eyes

Cos' I don't want to miss one second

And I don't want to feel so cold

And I don't want to be so sad that we are who we are

Cos' we had no control


But only by the night

Will we eva make headlines

Will we eva make things right

When we've only ourselves to blame

When we've only ourselves to blame


So I won't sleep, no more

No I won't sleep, no more, I won't sleep

I always thought that there'd be more than just wishin'

No more, my life away, no DMT will stop me like I could always

Figure it out and neva have to abandon what's in front of me, dream

No more...

(Verse 2)

So get this doubt out of my head

It's only real if u let it

And I've been lettin' go of my ghosts

I'll neva let them catch me no more

But these words are all I have

So I'll just keep dreamin' out loud

And if I just keep talkin'

Maybe I'll figure all this out



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