Eden - Angels lyrics

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He was lifted up and he found so bones

So heavy to carry

Such a waiting side, the human mind

In angry, part of ?


Oh, it's not up to us to lift them up

It's up to us to hold them up

As angels, we must earn their trust

That we cannot forsake them

(Verse 2)

She had never thought of herself as anything divine

Anything sublime, no godmother, no caring father

No protection from above or any angels trust

She began to wish that she was dead

But found instead a helping hand


And now they try to lift her bones

To lift her heavy human bones

I know they'll grow, I'll wait below

For any sign of angels

Oh, it's up to us to lift them up

It's up to us to hold them I said oh, as angels

We must gain their trust, they're weak enough

We'll save them!

Who will save them

Carry the angels carry the angels

Why do we break them

Torture the angels

Torture the angels

(Verse 3)

See I need to feel my soul is real

This ain't no life I'm living

Yes it's up to us to lift them up

But bones are getting tired

Oh it's up to us

To lift them up

It's to us to hold them

Oh as angles we must gain their trust

(They're weak enough

We'll save them)

Me I think I'll cry

Just break down die

If I have to see another baby go

So now you know the strength I've shown

Can you please treat me better


Oh, I lift you up

With angels love

Take you to higher places

Yes we lift you up with angels love

We are here mother race here see less

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