E - Shine It All On lyrics

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E/Parthenon Huxley)

Tarot cards

Said I'm already dead

Crystal ball

Fell down onto my head


If I want it I pay

My true love

Well she threw it away


But I can shine it all on

I can shine it all on

I can shine it all on

And still be amazed

Had some money

And a hole in my pocket

Had a house

But I forgot to lock it

Took a drag

>From a smoke that may kill me

What a drag

How the winter wind chills me


I'll shine it on just like MacBeth

In the face of certain death

Of a salesman or a king

And when the palm trees are on fire

I'll take my boat out on the sea

Had a face

But I never could save it

Hada kid

But I never would name it

Have a life

Well, that's what they call it

It's a road

But I guess I could crawl it



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