E-Stilez - The Phone Call

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And everytime i think back i cant stay strong

that moment that ya called i just dropped my phone

im prayin for u everyday that u live long !

its hard to talk about it so i wrote this song!

My friend just called and say she fuck the wrong nigga

had the whole alphabet she might as well had pulled the trigga

she fainted when the doctor had to informed her

she switched her occupation felt more like a coroner

so now she got morn the.. lose of wat was former-ly

a clean slate she was virgin right before her !

big mishap thats left her life in all torn her !

mother left speechless inside she scorns the

man who hit her and now walkin like he aint know

on top of that she's pregnant she like say it aint so

im shakin holdin the phone how far will the pain go

knew his circumstance but only saw her frame so

he got wat he desired sayin i love u was aimed low

now his inconsirerateness lead to achanged o

a girl who lived right and had a future to show

his problems just spread and on her he'd bestow

she sittin there crying i dont know wat to say !

still reachin for the words i imprevise wit it'll be okay

but will it really now that she's deployed her gifts

and caught hold to toxin while she was in the mist

pure bliss leading to nothing that she'd expect

now she hopin for bad dreams the truth she rejects

and its sad i wish that it could change for her !

now she sayin to me she was just slanged poor her

he Chillin cool should be convicted of murder

plus he stole her life to so u can tack on a burglar

its sad to sit and think nothing will ever purge her

of all the evil she recieved that will undoubtly hurt her

woke up from passin out ask the doc is this real !

maby the test was all rong not a thing i feel

u lying to me this a joke the doc shook nope

and now in tears she soaked ! cuz she done lost all hope

in this sadass world that we live in

it seems pain is a givin WONT GO AWAY

one mistake in her life and too far she'd stray

now wishin she'd kept at bay ! Hey

in this sadass world that we live in

it seems pain is a givin IT BROKE HER HURT

Now she wishin she could just restart

played it smart ! not wit her heart

now she bout to fall apart<br />

<br />

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