E-Stilez - Pain (Prod. Xubie Beatz)

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When Ya FaNS Start To Doubt

Dont Know Wat They Talkin Bout

I Gaureentee U Gon Start Feelin Dat

When Ya Givin It Ya All

But They Still Hope Ya Fall

Best Believe Ya Gon Start Feelin Dat

When Ya Music Gets Stole

Like Part Of Yall Soul

I Just Know Ya Gon Start Feelin Dat

When Ya Make It On They Ass

And Ya StarT Stackin Cash

Then They Gon Start Feelin Dat


They Tell Me I Suck They Tell Me To Quit

So Sick And Tired Of Them Tell Me Shit

Like Ya Metaphors Weak U Rap Off Subject

Ya Lyrics Not Real And Kappin Is Suspect

I Work Night And Day And Do It For Fans

So Fuck Those Who Kant Understand

And For U To Just Call My Lyrics Bland

Cuz Street All That U Ever Demand

This Shit Yall Be Speaking Is Crazy

Cuz Im spittin so ill yall just hate me

Prolly Cuz Its Ya Girl That Chase Me

Next To U Talkin She Want My Baby

And I Rep For City Im Reppin My Town

And Best Believe Its Goin Down

Grab Ya Choice Of Drank And Weed A Pound

And Listen to how Greatness sound

be bumpin music hatin on me

all i keep thinkin is how can that be

talkin that nonesense wreckless comments

because of u i'll make a promise

that i take the game over

chip tha rip ya best watch ya shoulder

bone thugs this for u

cuz other than that all my cities felt is

Verse 2:

They Feelin That Pain Cuz They Neva Believed

Now Switch Tryin Quick To Decieve

BuT i Neva Notice cuz to focuzed

on this music for they bogus

poses tryin 2 get on my sideline

folllow me past the pilone

cuz now they realized thats it my time :

but im past knee deep in the game

to even be thinkin bout makin a change

to my roster cuz anybody new an imposter

quite shocker how i still keep my self together

but me quitin now that a be never

to get to the top i'll do what ever

but sell my self to mainstream

start dancin or autotune sing

i work too hard to fall for the schemes

of the industry thing

give my all on every track

puttin this city up on my back

now they tellin me im one of the best

can u hatest believe that do u feel

Verse 3:

Pain Wat Im Feelin After This

Cuz Wat Ones A Good Time Has Lost All Of The Bliss

So No J.J On The Evan Just Me In This Bitch

Tryin 2 Shoot For The Stars Theres Body Gaurds I Might Miss

(Damn) How Do u Live When EveryOne Is A Judas

Just Caught One Of My Home Boys Tryin 2 Steal My Music

My Old Friends Were Fony My New Friends Dont Know Me

And All This Games Startin To Show Me Is Whole Bunch Of<br />

<br />

Thanks to Estilez216

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