E Nomine

E Nomine - Himmel & Hoelle [English]

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What do you want,

Heaven or Hell?

What do you want,

Heaven or Hell?

Do you want to follow God's path,

Do you want to be merciful,

Will you do penance and show your regret,

In good and bad times,

or will you be frivolous, sinful

and sell your soul to the Devil?

I ask you!

What do you want, decide while your here on Earth,

Decide Heaven or Hell, Hell or Heaven,

Or Hell, or Hell?

But remember,

The almighty arranges all of us

Whether good or bad

Only the Lord alone is the supreme judge.

Yet you can decide,

but decide in life.

Then when you are dead,

you'll be given Heaven or Hell.

Do you expect Paradise,

or will you burn, be greased, and be languished

for all of eternity.

So what will it be, Heaven or Hell?

What do you want, Heaven or Hell?

Heaven, Hell; Hell, Heaven

Do you want to be an Angel and float over the people

Or do you want to be a Demon and fall in the empty depths

So, decide!

Liberate me from the dead,

Oh omnipotent Master,

while I'm judged.

Master, liberate me!

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