E Nomine

E Nomine - Draculs Bluthochzeit [English]

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My dear friends,

I would like to invite you and your charming wife, Lena,

to my castle in Transylvania.

Once there, we can seal our agreement.

My drivers are expecting you.

I pleased of your arrival in my beautiful land.

Vlad Dracula invites you to the Celebration of Blood.

It is blood wedding.

I am Dracula and welcome to my castle.

I hope your stay is comfortable after (that trip).

I will show you to your room.

Consequently, I have been expecting to accompany you in the great hall.

Vlad Dracula invites you to the Celebration of Blood.

The blood is the bride and the count.

Dracula is the groom.

It is blood wedding.

Your blood on my lips is like the sunrise.

A bite from me is like the kiss of death.

It is blood wedding.

My white thorns twinkle like diamonds in the light.

My eyes are gray like the fog that covers us.

My soul is so black like the deep night.

My skin is so white like the radiation of the stars.

Drink my juice of life and attain immortality.

Our marriage in the intoxication of desire.

It is blood wedding.

The real power that controls us,

is the shameful, endless, consuming, destroying, unquenchable, greed for love.

Ambition...Perversity...Greiving over love....Pain over love...

My blood is fiery.

My blood is eager.

Your blood is sweet.

Your blood is satisfying.

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Thursday 5th of April 2012 07:13
He is god after all. Who's gonna challenge him? :))