E Nomine

E Nomine - Das Wiegenlied [English]

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Darkness is the element of the demons and all the dark powers they have have sworn against good.

Mankind is in a bloody battlefield.

When and where the course takes you is unknown.

But one thing is for sure: it exists and his cruel servants are forever on the hunt for unforgiven souls.


My view is moved to the forest's edge.

There you play with him.

In my face I am appaled.

Your once faithful playmate and companion was there again.

I didn't know what to do. We had recently burried the little dog.

It was so hard for you to say goodbye.

In the secret cemetery where the fog roams we layed him down and sang a lullaby.

La le la le lu...

Frightened, I oppress health.

I kill eternity.

I give life to infants with song.

All your stuffed animals have been nailed to the window frame.

Tell me that I will lose you soon.

The bloodbath reached me much too late.

My throat is destroyed and your breath is blown away.

Desperately I press you to my breast.

I did not know of the cemetery's curse.

I will bring you, my angel, to the place where the fog roams.

In holy earth he I lied him and I sing for the lullaby.

Soon you were back.

On my forhead is cold sweat.

First we played.

Then the circle was closed.

Your eyes were red.

Then I died.

Please, don't sing the lullaby for me ever again.

There where the fog roams you will always hear the lullaby.


The undead are under us.

The holy earth is damned and it has never turned to dust and will always turn.

Your secret rituals and loud sounds were in the lightless kingdom in our world.

It is the eternal circle of ruins that will redeem us from the lovely noises that never cease.

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