E Nomine

E Nomine - Das Böse [English]

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Dark song.

Evil souls.


I am so dark, ugly, vulgar, and mean.

Stick it deep inside your soul.

I enjoy tormenting you until you bleed and you cry.

Because I am your vile torture servant.

Have no fear, (I) am brutally frightful,

for I see no way to force yourself back there where peace is.

Only an enemy in the visor hates luck.

(I) am the evil which eats good.

I am so cunningly fake,

because I like to lay you in pure pain, for pain is named my child.

Spit you up, give you rage, make your heart turn to stone.

(I) am the evil, my seed is carried in the wind.

I am the evil that redeems yo from good.

(I) am so evil. In your head there is noise.

Am I evil?

I am the evil.

Wicked inhumanity.

Sick wildness.

Filthy inhumanity.

Eternal torment.

The name is omen. The name is omen

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