E Nomine

E Nomine - Bibelworte des Allmaechtigen [English]

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Not everyone who

to me, "Lord Lord!"

will get to Heaven,

but to those who follow

the will of My Father in Heaven:

I am the almighty God,

Walk in front of me and become Pius

Someone heard Justice,

but sin is what ruined the people.

You should be perfect,

like your Father in Heaven is.

You didn't err.

God doesn't let you mock him,

the people will harvest,

what they sow.

What God has brought together,

the people should not seperate.

Be merciful, like our Father is merciful!

We were put together and we shouldn't seperate!

Do not damn, so that you will not become damned!

Forgive, so that you will be forgiven!

Do not be sinful or angry,

Do not let the sun go down over your rage!

Sing the Lord a new song.

Then he will do wonders

Ask, so you may be given;

Seek, so you may find;

Knock, so that we may answer!

Lord Father let us free

Jesus Christ help us

From our miserable selves

Consul the people, Oh Spirit.

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