E Nomine

E Nomine - Anderwelt (Laterna Magica) [English]

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Mystical are might saga, says the lores of the old days.

Stories are told, full of fantasies of eternal life and white magic.

And also, a place was named there.

But time has banished its name.

A world, which today, no one sees it because it lays in the Sea of the Past.

And if the fog condenses over it;

and the Sea's waver becuase of storms;

a few will see it.

Other World: blessed land.

Many years passed.

Powerful kingdoms broke in two.

Into oblivion the hidden land sank.

With wisdom led, with magic land.

No bloody battle took place.

No sorrow in the kingdoms of myths and sagas.

Many came and went.

The death never reached this holy place.

Like an island untouched, and hidden 'till concealed, led with peace.

So it lives fully through the end, Other World, and its legend.

My magic lamp.

Tracking it down for eternity.

My magic lamp.

Should live for eternity.

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