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E Family - I Like It

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I hit the ..with my girl inside and that’s the way i like it

I’m tryin get the spot on the Sunday light

And that’s the way i like it

No matter where we go girl we just gonna ride

So don’t try to find it

So cut off the phone pop that song

Let’s get it on ‘cause that’s the way i like it


Get back in Cadilac pop it and all they try

just be the road in the sky

Drop the top the clouds ..

set back and ride, set back and ride

You know that’s how i like it , like it, like it

I like it, i like it

Hey moon star, sunrise

Joy light for ..pass you by

I got my ..jeans and my .. and that’s the way i like ti

stayin true to the game is the only one you’re claimin

and that’s the way i like it

i go to drop that top ain’t nobody gonan stop me

i ain’t try to hide it gonna do my thing

hang with the game i think i tell you why

‘cause that’s the way i like it


I get your photograph in a ..

In a back full of ..baby boy that was time to ride

They back close your eyes and watch me try

Touch the sky, we just gonna blind

Aint’ no rush don’t .. it don’t matter if they pass my ..

I’m on my watch to show so i’ma .. i’ma roll of a ..

Plus got a pocket full of .. ain’t try ..

We gonna shop when we get there

As long as the sun is ..swim where

Well whatever it is we in the magazine

people sayin that’s how we supposed to live

Supposed to give

Get away from my crib livin my life kids

We’re ridin roll like ..stolen

We both from the block so that’s the show bone

It took it so good that was hard to stay focused


I put your arm around me


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