E-Dubble - Rebuild lyrics

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I see these pictures on the wall

and the people look upset

and they all look full of regret

because they can't escape the frame

well I'm no lame, I'll break it into pieces

show me a system you know I'll beat it

life is like legos, gotta keep building

smash that building, THEN REBUILD IT

verse 1:

once the peacoat come off the pomade come out

the drums get rung out, the words get sung out

I'm cold, rockin' a snuggie I'm so bold

with a fist in the air I promise I won't fold

I won't' stop either, trippin' off ether

musta been that boom-bap that knocked him on his keister

or that bruce springsteen

reaganomics baby bubba so you know I'm a fiend

I was dreaming bout songs that they didn't even make yet

rip the mic on my fisher price tape deck

check out my melody I wanna go ape shit

clappin' to tracy chapman in the basement

no genres just alot of new soul

that rhythm nation gave that lil' dude hope

can't cope, no dope, no ill shit

feeling's coming back cuz' you know we gon' rebuild it

verse 2:

we breathe life, dodge pain and sing loud

egalitarian constructs we kings now

we're not pions, the type of shit we on

is cold shoulder bold, no mold we stay freon

so we're liquid, but still viscous

when shit breaks we ain't looking for a quick fix

this ain't 8th grade science class dip shit

chemistry's organic can it with the bisquick

we stay hungry pancakes for handshakes

no hang overs the buzz becomes mandate

rebuild bridges, send out the pigeons

carry the words we purge what's divisive

and reunite when the lightning strikes

no ben franks but that's how you know the price is right

we tie keys to kites and let em' spark up

dreams become real congeal like don darko

verse 3:

they throwing stones like they're running out of ammo

we going hard like motherfuckin' rambo

but no first blood and no virgins

they put the fine print in motherfuckin' cursive

they're tryna trick us but we're in comic sans

lower cased we don't overstate the common man

it's no big deal, it's just music right?

maybe yes, maybe no, maybe use it right?

I know I'm trying to, I know you're trying too

find peace, find love, find bonaroo

but it's a contradiction when the hate is felt

you should prolly talk shit and try and take the belt

but the belt means shit when you zoom out

that top spot might as well be a tomb now

you find weakness, turn it into strength

build a foundation to bury all the hate- till we're home

and the lights get cut on, we all in as they play the fight song

we toast drinks while we right where we wronged

in with the good air, bad air be gone

but unfiltered we are not stilted

double entendres will be not jilted

cuz' we love the love that we live for

concrete set but yet we still build more

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