E. C. Beatty

E. C. Beatty - Ski King

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Some people say

This story is false

But others say it's true

Fear not, old Ski King

Cause, buddy, I believe in you

The sun was a-shining

The water, it was smooth

Ski King was in perfect form

Daddy-O was in the groove

The pink Cadillac came sliding in

With a big boat on the rear

Ski King stepped out on the sand

Said, the great Ski King is here

Ski King fastened on his skiis

Fifty horses were getting warm

The crowd let out a mighty roar

Let's see that perfect form

He strutted to the water's edge

He waved back to the crowd

He pounded his chest like Tarzan would

And that made Daddy-o proud

Daddy-o backed up close to shore

The rope was a perfect throw

Ski King tied it around his arm

And yelled, let her go, Daddy-o

Daddy-o opened that throttle wide

Sounded like a swarm of bees

All of that power from the fifty horses

Made Ski King lose his skiis

Poor Ski King was flying low

Like a porpoise up and down

They circled the lake

About four or five times

Daddy-o never looked around

Daddy-o was driving that boat

Ski King was drinking the lake

People were yelling at Daddy-o

Stop the boat, for goodness sake

Daddy-o finally stopped the boat

He pulled Ski King inside

Poor Ski King had plenty of water

But he sure had lost his pride

Now, the moral of this story

Keep your neck of the noose

Be careful not to grab ahold

Of something you can't turn loose

Of something you can't turn loose

Of something you can't turn loose<br />

<br />

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