E-A-SKI - Mad Doggin'

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(feat. Jayo Felony)

[Intro: E-A-Ski]


Hell yeah, IMG nigga

What you ain't knowin' about this motherfuckin' click motherfucker?

We maddoggin' in this bitch, ya dig

We got motherfuckers drinkin' on the hater grade, that ain't right

My nigga Jayo in this bitch, ya dig

Look here, aiyyo, put the motherfuckin' E-A-Ski mask on nigga


I'm steady creepin' while other niggas be sleepin'

But fuckin' your hoes don't do nothin' but keep my beeper beepin'

Deep, in the West Side on the East Side of Oakland

maddoggin' these niggas, I got 'em cigarette smokin'

Nigga, I'll smack all upside your dreadlocks

and if you don't give the West Coast props when it hit your block

Makin' your spot, hot, still the coldest like the Face Mob

Rappin' ain't doin' shit for you nigga, don't quit your day job

Makin' them one-hitter quitters is leavin' a bitter

taste in my mouth, your shit is soggy like kitty litter

Niggas better keep my name of their breath and chew some gum or somethin'

Knockin' your ass out like "Deebo" will keep your gun from bumpin'

Cheatin' niggas like me keep the world spinnin'

Without the West Side who would the East Side be beginnin'

Now read that on my paper, left or right, West or East

Nigga, that's the way I write it and you read it when I speak it

I ain't dissin', just open up your vision

But if you diss me, I'ma have your ass distant, I'm on a mission

Nigga, fuck your fachi and your champagne bullshit

Knowin' your punk-ass ain't rich, I'm in your shit, maddoggin'

[Chorus: E-A-Ski]

Mean muggin', is how we set 'em up

All that braggin' you doin' motherfucker, yeah we (maddoggin')

All these niggas and they bitch clicks, wanna fuck with the IMG

[Jayo Felony]

Sophiscated ghetto niggas, graduate and curve swurve into a hole chicken

because you know the time is tickin', pickin' lots and slangin' rocks

to arm robberies, push my weight around, hangin' niggas off of balconeys

Spread like disease on foreign land, I command my respect from you cowards

cause you don't seem to understand, why a nigga got a gun in his hand

for any man tryin' to mean mug, pull out my strap, then he ran

Bam-damn did I get 'em, or did he get away

cause now I gots ta worry about the motherfucker all day

But I'ma fiend, for the gunplay, my nigga E-A-Ski caught him goin' down a one way

He blocked the ball, looked at me like "What's crackin'?"

I quickly threw up the block, glock start dumpin' it's on, till my heart stop pumpin'

Jumpin' the gun to get you dumped on, my hood keeps hoggin'

Got your back against the wall nigga and now we maddoggin'

[Chorus: E-A-Ski]

Mean muggin', is how we set 'em up

We got your back against the wall nigga, now we (maddoggin')

You fuck around and get your cap twisted

Fuckin' with this IMG click nigga, we (maddoggin')

Mean muggin', is how we set 'em up

I don't give a fuck what coast you from motherfucker, nigga, we (maddoggin')

Who's the first to bust a cap I thought you knew nigga

West Side for life!!


All that braggin' you doin', I know some niggas that'll jack you out your draws

Prison niggas that'll run up in your walls

Stank breath, nappy head, hoey-ass-niggas

Come see how much money you got, when at your phoney-ass-niggas

Maddoggin', peep plan and bout to get up in ya

And see how much that money talk continue

Fool, I'll turn your ass upside down and

shake the motherfuckin' change out your pocket, and empty out your wallet

And tell your bitch to give me fifty grand or she won't see your ass again

I got, six million ways to get that money out your hand, punk-ass-nigga

Youse a bitch with a man figure, slippin', drinkin' all that fancy liquor

Alazay and Crystal, sip it up, think that niggas' drunk now

Stick 'em up and give it up, I'm jackin' all niggas that's doin' fake flossin'

When you see me in your hood, it ain't all good, I'm maddoggin'

[Chorus: E-A-Ski]

I'll turn your ass upside down and shake the motherfuckin' change

out your pocket, and empty out your wallet, we (maddoggin')

Fuck your fachi and your champagne bullshit

knowin' your punk-ass ain't rich nigga, we (maddoggin')

I know some niggas that'll jack you out your draws

and run up in your walls nigga, they (maddoggin')


[Outro: E-A-Ski]

Hell motherfuckin' yeah

You better ask you motherfuckin' punk-ass self a question

Do you wanna see this IMG nigga or what?

Yeah, no more talk, all you buster-ass-niggas that's

clossin' niggas talkin' behind niggas' backs

You a bitch nigga, remember that nigga, YOU A BITCH-ASS-NIGGA!!!

You don't wanna see this motherfuckin' nigga

Whas happenin'? IMG nigga, we can go click against click, bitch

I don't give a FUCK, we maddoggin' on all you buster-ass-niggas

That's on my momma bitch!

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