E-40 & Cash Money Millionaires

E-40 & Cash Money Millionaires - Baller Blockin' lyrics

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[Turk] Everyday, all day all we do is get our grind on From sun up to sun down get our grind on Tryna bust it wide open and build up my clank Send a hit at these niggas so we could be the jank You now how it is want everything for myself Want every nigga scorin for me nobody else Imma dog it ain't not secret i want it all Tha coke, dope, hoes and tha fancy cars Tha game is cold but it's fair nigga Can't trust no man cuz a nigga don't care nigga Nigga will do anything just to be tha man wit all tha work Kidnap yo wife and yo daughter erase you off tha earth Them niggas cut throats this shit is real cuzen Better know tha game cuz if you don't you get killed cuzen Be ready to take a nigga to war behinds yours Spark when it get dark and leave brains on the curve [Turk](Hook) Why you blockin us Baller Blockin us You niggas can keep tryin Ain't no stoppin us [Baby] Niggas baller blockin so they lettin off shots Tha feds came thru can't stop tha clock Then why a nigga up tryna close my shop Lovely came thru in a Bentley drop Tha cadilac truck we painted then got hot Still runnin thru them hallways tote'n a glock Word got around Curly tryna close my shop Tha mail man down bad he can grab tha glock Tell tha stupid hoe shut up she bouts to get popped Tha cameras out and them lights is on Them feds com'n thru and they gettin it on So we duck and hide, supply and ride Big party goin down wit Big Wood tonite So we cocked tha glocks Cuz tha beef is rock Niggas shootin out windows instead of head shots Believe that playboy (Hook) [E-40] Niggas be gold killin (?) slippery like grease create y'all bin on a (?) scrilla Call tha police on a young busta just tryna money mack on a million You best respect tha game or get yo cap pilled in Whoopin ass and takin names about my pay Straight up out tha year 2000 Y2K We ain't fit tha bearin fuck bamas, (?), (?) How bout Atlanta you know We ain't gotta smash pennies to make (?) no mo (Beyotch Beyotch) See I just look like this Project English left and plain We use words like "It's All Gravy Tre" I spit tha (?) from tha job My nigga Baby and them law Tha block controller just seen it all From white to brown and yellow (Beyotch) Pineapple y'all Leaky brown color to baller blockin y'all Wit baking soda (wit baking soda) ya smell Ball to we have it all (ball to we have it all) ya dig Ball to we have it all (ball to we have it all) hoe Hook [Juvenile] I know I need to stop but I'm solja so fuck it Besides I'm responsible fo supplin tha public My daddy got shot so I'm holdin it down Outline, out of bounds puttin four in a clown Bitch answer when I call make me know you got my change Is it explodin in yo brain, do you think I'm playin games See that's why lil niggas like u get murder over 'caine Put yo self in a spot where u won't be working again I ain't gone let yo partners from yo block confuse ya You broke 'em off a package and they tryna misuse ya Now tell 'em who got assed out you and me too huh And Bubba want his money so I gotta kill you now And all these muthafuckin laws tryna take mines I ain't wit that bullshit two at tha same time Fuck I might at well give tha dope game up But Beatrice said he got a fresh package that came up Hook

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