Drumfish - Will You Come Bother Me

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What do you come here seeking advice <br />Boy get rid of that head lice <br />Crawling, crawling out of here <br /> <br />We don’t see you anymore <br />You must have found some kind of cure <br />Take care of your problems makes you smile, smile, smile <br /> <br />Can’t believe that you have found <br />Can’t believe you tracked us down <br />It’s hard to imagine that were always found <br /> <br />We’ve not seen you in some time <br />You must have fallen in a hole <br />Now we carry our boxes all alone <br /> <br />Will you come bother me <br /> <br />Well I’m keeping up with you <br />And that’s more than you can ask me to <br />Being my soul mates good for you <br /> <br />My shoes have fallen on bad times <br />Always standing here in line <br />It’s hard to imagine why they’re always on <br /> <br />They don’t’ seem to be aware <br />Leave their footprints everywhere <br />Footprints everywhere <br /> <br />And everywhere that Mary went <br />She has reason to believe <br />That it goes on and on and on and on and on <br /> <br />Will you come bother me<br /><br />

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