Drumfish - To Fly To Fall

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An issue of singular importance <br />A matter of great concern <br />Curiously I listened <br />And a map he handed me <br /> <br />Yellow brown and tattered <br />It was I held it in my hand <br />And from it came the smell of age <br />He began to tell me of his plan <br /> <br />A driven man was he <br />In need to silence the call <br />He asked me would I go <br />To fly even to fall <br /> <br />For a moment I considered <br />But like St. Thomas I drew back <br />My friend he uttered golden words <br />I would not join him in his task <br /> <br />It’s always about yesterday, let it be for today <br /> <br />I went on from day to day <br />In the rut that was my life <br />Play it safe that’s the best way <br />Such is the advice from my wife <br /> <br />The last time I saw my friend <br />He had fortune and fame <br />What a terrible pity <br />What a terrible shame <br /> <br />What decisions are the right ones <br />What offers should I turn down <br />I guess I’ll never learn my lesson <br />There’s never time like now <br />There’s never time like now <br /> <br />It’s always about yesterday, let it be for today<br /><br />

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