Drumfish - Selfish Song

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I’m wondering where I’m going <br />I’m wondering where I’m gonna be <br />Some people say I’m falling <br />I’m sorry I tend not to agree <br /> <br />If you wish you can come with me <br />There’s plenty of room in my life <br />Needless apprehension <br />Another year of senseless strife <br /> <br />Can’t you see I’m happy here <br />Cant you see it’s nothing you need fear <br />I’m just trying to do what I do <br />Why can’t I be me and be with you <br /> <br />Make a small adjustment <br />A pocket full of compromise <br />A selfless perspective <br />You can’t see through my eyes <br /> <br />Run away from me if you must <br />Think carefully about what it is that you do <br />Would you have me life with regret <br />You know I’d never ask that of you <br /> <br />Why do you say it’s pointless <br />Why do you say we cannot live this way <br />We can be together <br />Commitments we need not betray <br /> <br />It’s not what you say here <br />It is what you do <br />And I can’t take this <br />It’s eating me alive and I say <br /> <br /> <br />Sing a selfish song<br /><br />

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