Drumfish - Phineas Freetag

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It’s always, always under, under hill <br />He said to her she said to him rewind <br />Him to said she her to said he forwards <br />And on went Phineas and his wife <br /> <br />Fuzzy Mr. Freetag a home owner <br />He has dug for himself quite some little hole <br />For you see he has far too large a family <br />And it seems quite clear that someone must go <br /> <br />They must go, the must go <br />Take away, cannot stay <br />It’s always home <br /> <br />Banishment is not an easy question <br />In particularly when handling one’s own heirs <br />Which to choose I wonder which to choose <br />We must use a method that will be most fair <br /> <br />Phineas has ruled out an addition <br />For he so dislikes cleaning dirt from his claws <br /> <br />Very gray, they must go <br />Take away, cannot stay <br />It’s always home<br /><br />

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