Drumfish - Fly To Fall

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An issue of singular importance

A matter of great concern

Curiously I listened

And a map he handed me

Yellow brown and tattered

It was I held it in my hand

And from it came the smell of age

He began to tell me of his plan

A driven man was he

In need to silence the call

He asked me would I go

To fly even to fall

For a moment I considered

But like Saint Thomas I drew back

My friend he uttered golden words

I would not join him in his task

It's always about yesterday, let it be for today

I went on from day to day

In the rut that is my life

Play it safe that's the best way

Such is the advice from my wife

The last time I saw my friend

He had fortune and fame

What a terrible pity

What a terrible shame

What decisions are the right ones

What offers should I turn down

I guess I'll never learn my lesson

There's never time like now

There's never time like now

It's always about yesterday, let it be for today

Thanks to Adrina for these lyrics

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