Drumfish - Feelin’ Alright

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Well I’m tired

Of people keep on asking me these questions

They come around and scrutinize the details

And they will not walk away

And I can hear them say

That I’m starving

It seems I can never find the information

I know it’s my hopeless lack of concentration

I hunger for the past

I have gorged myself with memories

But I’m feelin’ alright, I’m feelin’ alright, I’m feelin’ alright

Well I’m searching

Im’ trying to find some meaning for my life

A way to pass my years with some dignity

And I can’t find my way

I hope one day I might

And I love you

That’s not gonna change, it’s forever

You come and sit beside me as an endeavor

I can not understand

It’s all falling away but I’m feelin’ alrighg

But I’m feelin’ alright, I’m feelin’ alright, I’m feelin’ alright

I cannot rely on anything that I can touch

Some corner of my mind is all there is that’s real

And I may stray quite far away from me

But I’ll return

An ocean

I spend much of my time just thinking about the ocean

I can sense it all around me with lucidity

A warm place in the sun

Leave my life undone

I’m telling stories

The children they all gather round and listen

I impart to them the endless possibilities

Years of life to come

My time in the sun, I’m feelin’ alright

I have not returned in years there is much comfort here

The place inside my mind is like my shell, my life

The years have passed and how my will

That I could go back home

I’m feelin’ alright

I’m feelin’ alright

Thanks to Adrina for these lyrics

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