Drumfish - Don't Walk Away

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I'll leave the caution up to you<br />

The wind will have to pull me through<br />

I have to play without my hands<br />

And hope my feet will understand<br />

They walk without me anyway<br />

And when they're tired they will say<br />

<br />

(Chorus) Don't walk away from the places you know<br />

Need to be on my side<br />

Don't walk away from the places you know<br />

Follow me this time<br />

<br />

I'll leave the curtains up for you<br />

The calling warm still rings untrue<br />

My hands have left and gone away<br />

But with out them I still play<br />

They're taken back again by you<br />

Just be aware when they tell you<br />

<br />

(Chorus)<br />

<br />

Can you whisper you're line<br />

Cuz I can hear you wasting time<br />

Whenever you decide to follow mine<br />

<br />

(Chorus) 2x

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