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Dropkick Murphys - The Outsider lyrics

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They they can make a law,

Then I can break a law.

If I can break a law,

Will the law break me?

It comes tumbling down again,

I can't comprehend,

Is it destiny?

Your nomadic state,

Are you a refugee,

No place to call your home.

Forever walk alone,

As the world goes on

Forgotten by the ones you've know.


And all the words you gave me

I lost on bended knee

But you can't stop these cravings

Just by praying they would cease

If I can make a life,

Then I can take a life.

If I can save a life,

Will this life save me?

Time after time,

I still seem to find,

You're looking out for me.

So wrap your arms around me,

Hold me close, and don't let go.

Let me lean on you as I think things through,

If I don't then we'll never know.

Will your faith save me?

Will I find this place where I belong?

Can you protect me?

Keep me safe from harm?

Will you help me carry on?

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