Drew Seeley

Drew Seeley - Into The Fire

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You've seen her type before, she knows what she can do

There's a heat you can't ignore but it never melts her cool

And I know it for a fact - She's a pyromaniac

She lights me up to watch me burn, and still I come back

Now we're back down to the wire, know I should not play with fire

But everything she does fuels my desire

And I'm trying to get away, instead of flying into the flame

She laughs cause she knows it won't last too long when I say

This time I'll finally forget you

But I know one smile will incinerate my will to even try

Sometimes I wish I never met you

Still I jump right back into the fire, into the fire

Yeah so first time shame on her, but second time shame on me

But I know I got it bad, cause I lost track after three

It's the thing she's giving off, it's the switch I can't turn off

So smoking hot I start to choke and cough when I say

Tell me why, why every time I'm getting on track

You catch me again, then you throw me back?

And why does it feel so good to let you win?

Will you ever let me in?

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