DREAM THEATER - Under A Glass Moon

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- john petrucci<br><br>Tell me<br>Remind me<br>Chase the water racing from the sky<br>Always beside me<br>Taste the memories running from my eyes<br>Nervous flashlights scan my dreams<br>Liquid shadows silence their screams<br>I smile at the moon<br>Chasing water from the sky<br>I argue with the clouds<br>[chorus:]<br>Outside the soundness of your mind<br>Bathing your soul in silver tears<br>Beneath a blackened summer sky<br>Praying for time to disappear<br><br>Beneath a summer sky<br>Under glass moonlight<br>Night awaits the lamb's arrival<br>Liquid shadows crawl<br>Silver teardrops fall<br>The bride subsides to her survival<br><br>By your hand<br>I've awakened<br>Bear this honor in my name<br><br>[chorus]

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