DREAM THEATER - The Rover / Achilles Last Stand / The Song Remains

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- ("Uncovered" show at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, London - 1/31/95)

(From the "A Change Of Seasons" EP)

i. "The Rover"

- Jimmy Page and Robert Plant

(Led Zeppelin - from the album "Physical Graffiti")


ii. "Achilles Last Stand"

- Jimmy Page and Robert Plant

(Led Zeppelin - from the album "Presence")

It was an April morning

When they told us we should go

And as I turned to you

You smiled at me

How could they say no?

All the fun to have

To live the dreams we always had

Oh the songs to sing

When we at last return again, yeah

Sending off a glancing kiss

To those who claim they know

Know the streets a seaman he's

The devil in his hole

Oh to sail away

Sailing lands and other days

Oh to touch the dream

Hides inside and never seen, yeah

Into the sun the south the north

Lies the first of hope

Shackles of commitments fell

In pieces on the ground

To tread the air above the din

Oh to laugh aloud

Dancing as we fought the crowd, yeah

To seek the man whose pointing hand

The giant step unfolds

With guidance from the curving path

That churns up into stone

If one bell should ring

In celebration for a king

So fast the heart should beat

As proud the head with heavy feet, yeah

iii. "The Song Remains The Same"

- Jimmy Page and Robert Plant

(Led Zeppelin - from the album "Houses Of The Holy")

Oh, yeah

Here we go

Wanted to know, oh

Sing out Hare, Hare, oh

Dance the Hoochie Koo

The city lights oh so bright,

As we go sliding, sliding, sliding, sliding through.

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