DREAM THEATER - The Gift Of Music

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Far in the distant future

Beyond the pages of our time

Cold-blooded wicked tyrants

Threaten the freedom of mankind

Corruption, lust and greed

Define the new nobility

Changing the course of history

Across the vast North Empire

Most people struggle to survive

Living a meek existence

While their secluded leader thrives

We are living day to day

Forced to bare the lion's share

People just don't have the time for music anymore

And no one seems to care

My friends I've seen the chosen one

Our quest for freedom has begun

He will be the answer to our prayers

There walks a god among us

Who's seen the writing on the wall

He is the revolution

He'll be the one to save us all

My brother Gabriel is all the hope we need

Shining like a beacon in the night

Shepherd of Ravenskill

A reason to believe

Music is the gift he brings

The songbird stops to listen when he sings

Thanks to Robbie for correcting these lyrics

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