DREAM THEATER - The Bigger Picture

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Long before the colors start to bleed

I can see the painting come alive

Clever like an angel in disguise

Moving in and out of reach

If the candle lights this crooked path

Like a lighthouse peering through the haze

I will find the river through the rain

And I’ll reach the water’s edge

Shed your light on me

Be my eyes when I can’t see

Shed your light on me

Be my guide so I can see

The Bigger Picture

Like a moth burned by the fire

and driven to the flame

(Prophecies’ a blessing and a curse)

I must bare this cross alone

There’s no one else to blame

With each treasure found

Another shipwreck’s washed ashore

I am carried by the current

On a slow and steady course

What If caught in a moment

I get lost and can't find my way

What if all along i was wrong

In every turn, In every way

Would you talk me off the ledge

Or let me take the fall

Better to try and fail

then to never try at all

You look but cannot see

Talk but never speak

You live but cannot breathe

See but don’t believe

Wounds that never heal

A heart that cannot feel

A dream that’s all too real

A stare as cold as steel

I’ve listened to the stories of resentment and disdain

I’ve looked into the empty eyes of anger, fear, and shame

I’ve taken blood from every stone

And traveled every road

When I see the distant lights illuminate the night

Then I will know I am home

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