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- (uncovered show at ronnie scott's jazz club, london - 1/31/95)<br>[an acoustic version can be found on the acoustic dreams cd.]<br>- geddy lee (rush - from the album 2112)<br><br>All of the seasons<br>And all of the days<br>All of the reasons<br>Why I've felt this way<br>So long, so long<br><br>Then lost in that feeling<br>I looked in your eyes<br>I noticed emotion<br>And that you had cried<br>For me<br>I can see<br><br>[chorus:]<br>What would touch me deeper<br>Tears that fall from eyes<br>That only cry? <br>Would it touch you deeper<br>Than tears that fall from eyes<br>That know why? <br><br>A lifetime of questions<br>Tears on your cheek<br>I tasted the answers<br>And my body was weak<br>For you<br>The truth<br><br>[chorus]

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