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Just let me catch my breath<br>I've heard the promises<br>I've seen the mistakes<br>I've had my share of tough breaks<br>I need a new voice, a new law, a new way<br>To take the time, reevaluate<br>It's time to pick up the peices,<br>Go back to square one<br>I think it's time for a change<br><br>There is something that I feel<br>To be something that is real<br>I feel the heat within my mind<br>And craft new challenges with my eyes<br>Giving freely wandering promises<br>A place with decisions I'll fashion<br>I won't waste another breath<br><br>You can feel the waves coming on<br>(it's time to take the time)<br>Let them destroy you or carry you on<br>(it's time to take them time)<br>You're fighting the weight of the world<br>But no one can save you this time<br>Close your eyes<br>You can find all you need in your mind<br><br>The unbroken spirit<br>Obscured and disquiet<br>Finds clearness this trial demands<br>And at the end of this day sighs an anxious relief<br>For the fortune lies still in his hands<br><br>If there's a pensive fear, a wasted year<br>A man must learn to cope<br>If his obsession's real,<br>Supression that he feels must turn to hope<br><br>Life is no more assuring than love<br>(it's time to take the time)<br>You're fighting the weight of the world<br>And no one can save you this time<br>Close your eyes<br>You can find all that you need in your mind<br><br>I close my eyes<br>And feel the water rise around me<br>Drown in the beat of time<br>Let my senses fall away<br>I cna see much better now, I'm blind<br><br>Find all you need in your mind<br>If you can take the time

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