DREAM THEATER - Surrender To Reason

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In moments of pain

Where heart and mind collide

Self reflection helps me decide

I believe the sacrifices in life

Give more than they take

Visions flowing slowly shedding light

Memories swimming in the sea of time

Pieces to the puzzle falling into place

That with which we struggle through we’ve learned to embrace

Love show the way, alter my state of mind

Wash away the sorrow

Grace lead the way

When boundaries are found

Surrender to reason

Life gives you brighter days

Through sacrifices made

My spirit travels like the wind and waves

My heart and mind unite

Mistakes resolved give sight

The river’s currents slowly turns the stone

Restless angels

Help me find my way

Restless angels

Help me find my strength

Restless angels

Help me find my way

Restless angels

Let love show the way

Let grace be the way

Surrender to reason

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