DREAM THEATER - Since I've Been Loving You

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- Jimmy Page / Robert Plant (Led Zepplin - from the album "Led Zepplin IV")


Working from seven

To eleven every night

It really makes life a drag,

I don't think that's right.

I've really been the best, the best of fools.

I did what I could yeah

Because I love you baby, how I love you darling,

How I love you baby, my I love you girl, little girl.

Ah baby since I've been loving you yeah,

I'm about to lose my worried mind, oh yeah.

Everybody tried to tell me

That you didn't mean me no good.

I've been trying.

Lord! Let me tell ya, let me tell ya I really did the best I could.

I've been, I've been working from seven

to eleven every night,

I said it kind of makes my life a drag, drag, drag, drag.

Lord yeah that ain't right now, now.

Since I've been loving you,

I'm about to lose, about to lose my worried mind.

Watch out!

I said I've been crying.

Woah my tears they fell like rain.

Don't you hear them, you can hear them falling?

Don't you hear them, don't you hear them falling?

Woah yeah!

Do you remember mama, when I knocked upon your door?

I'm about to lose, I'm about to lose, lose my worried mind.

Do you remember woah yeah yeah,

I'm about to lose, lose my worried mind.


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