DREAM THEATER - Raise The Knif

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Have I thanked you for your time?

Or will your life go unrewarded


Never asking for a dime

You just gave all of yourself

Until I turned my back on you

My friend

The powers that be made you a martyr

Conspiracy led you to slaughter

I tried to control it but as soon as I showed it

I was shot down again

Once again outnumbered

Appreciation slumbered

You can ask yourself why

But that look in your eye

Doesn't pass the test

You've been laid to rest my friend


Tortured artist bears his soul

Seems the pressure took its toll

Lived a life so punishing

Now he keeps the publishing

Spilling your guts out to a pad and pen

Communication to your silent friend

Raising the knife

To a picture of a life

(I once knew)

There comes a time

Compromising my life

(Just won't do)

I cannot lie

I can't try anymore

(To reach you)

I just can't fight

Raise the knife

Raise the knife

Cut through

I remember once you were the quiet type

Content to sit and watch the motions of your life

With false sensitivity

You cut yourself open so people would adore you

They all bought into your contrived sincerity

And how you wore your heart and soul right on your sleeve

Laughing sarcastically

You turned your back on the people who adored you

Self-absorbed exhaustion

Self-esteem distortion

Self-infused extortion

Self-serving abortion

I'll take the blame for these things that I say

'Cause I had the heart and the will and the courage to stay

Every day

I won't walk away

Reading through all the digests you show me

I notice the way that yo

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