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Music by dream theater<br>Lyrics by james labrie<br><br>Nicholas:<br>It doesn't make any sense<br>This tragic ending<br>In spite of the evidence<br>There's something still missing<br><br>Heard some of the rumors told<br>A taste of one's wealth<br>Did victoria wound his soul? <br>Did she bid him farewell? <br><br>Victoria:<br>One last time<br>We'll lay down today<br>One last time<br>Until we fade away<br>One last time<br>We'll lay down today<br>One last time<br>We slowly fade away<br><br>Nicholas:<br>Here I am inside his home<br>It holds the many clues<br>To my suspicions<br>And as I'm standing here right now<br>I'm finally shown what I have always known<br><br>Coincidence I can't believe<br>As my childhood dreams slowly come true<br><br>Are these her memories<br>Awakened through my eyes<br>This house has brought back to life<br><br>An open door<br>I walk on through<br>Into his bedroom<br><br>Feeling as cold as outside<br>The walls disappear<br>To some woman who's screaming<br>A man pleads forgiveness<br>His words I cannot hear

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