DREAM THEATER - March of the Tyrant

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- John Petrucci

The God of Emperor deliverer of rakis

Stages his royal ascent

for the time has come for the tyrant

to unleash the golden path

The Lease of their lives has been spent

Revealing shadows of his past

Taking charge of his own life

distant to all mortal eyes

Never again the tyrant

the shock, the awe, the elation


There is no time, no distance ahead to continue

The fixity of visions determined

As God of emperor seizes thy Infinite grace

Transcending mystic worlds and time

Rage and confusion...War for supremacy

Valuable insight producing effect

As he marches down the royal road

his entourage embraces

never again

The shock!

The awe!

The elation!

As Arrakis undergoes a ghostly shift

The lessons now learned

Capturing reality

As the long awaited sacrifice unfolds

The march of the tyrant will end.


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