DREAM THEATER - Lord Nafaryus

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How the rumors are spreadin' like vines

Of a man who has been glorified

News finds its way, to the empire one day

Where the envious ruler resides

Should I fall for the stories I hear?

Is he really a threat I should fear?

Such a foolish young man

Doesn't seem to understand

So let me be perfectly clear

He may have them inspired

Eatin' out of his hand

But he'll neva be ruler of this land

For myself I must see

What the hype is about

I admit I'm intrigued

I've heard the whisperin' of revolution

I know the aim of ur plan

You think insurgency is ur solution

And put ur faith in one man

His decision is made

So his journey begins

Off to the edge of The Realm

To meet the savior

In the comin' days

They'll announce his grace

And he'll ask to be amazed

As a symbol of power and might

It will make for a breathtakin' sight

In a massive display

With his family and guards by his side

Arabelle who means the world to me

Our loyal son, my heir, ur future king

And Faythe I treasure more than all the

Diamonds in my crown, it isn't hard to see

I couldn't be more proud

Into the far off reaches of the land

To witness this great spectacle first hand

Is Gabriel the God he claims to be?

I guess we'll see

Yes we shall see

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