DREAM THEATER - Caught In A New Millennium

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A single star behind me

A red sky burns ahead

A lonely light below me

Awake among the dead

I can't hold on any longer

These feelings keep growing stronger

Echoes that deafen the mind

Will bury my voice in their wake

Caught in a Web

Removed from the world

Hanging on by a thread

Spinning the lies devised in my head

Living out a constant deja-vu

Keep your head up - Please be patient we will get to you

Keep your head up - Just have some faith and you can see it through

Keep your head up - What they want from me ain't gotta clue

Keep your head up - Swallow pride before it swallows you

Keep your head up - Don't dare bite the hand that's starving you

Keep your head up -

How can you keep your head and no got insane

When the only light at the end of the tunnel is another train

Caught in a Web refused by the world

Hanging on by a thread

Spinning a cage denied and misread

I've got this feeling - The tide is turning now baby

Funny feeling - Everything's gonna be alright now.

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