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Live another day<br>Climb a little higher<br>Find another reason to stay<br>Ashes in your hands<br>Mercy in your eyes<br>If you're searching for a silent sky...<br><br>Chorus:<br>You won't find it here<br>Look another way<br>You won't find it here<br>So die another day<br><br>The coldness of his words<br>The message in his silence<br>'face the candle to the wind...'<br>This distance in my voice<br>Isn't leaving you a choice<br>So if you're looking for a time to run away...<br><br>Chorus<br><br>They took pictures of our dreams<br>Ran to hide behind the stairs<br>And said maybe when it's right for you, they'll fall<br>But if they don't come down<br>Resist the need to pull them in<br>And throw them away<br>Better to save the mystery<br>Than surrender to the secret<br><br>Chorus

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