DREAM THEATER - A Change Of Seasons

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- (original live version - from the subconscious cd)<br>[recorded live at the limelight, ny, march 4, 1993, with james labrie on ]<br>[vocals. this is the version of this song from the infamous dance of ]<br>[eternity bootleg recording. ]<br>- mike portnoy<br><br>I remember a time [01:43]<br>My frail, virgin mind<br>Watched the crimson sunrise<br>Imagined what it might find<br>Life was filled with wonder<br>I felt the warm wind blow<br>I must explore the boundaries<br>Transcend the depths of winter's snow<br><br>Innocence caressing me<br>I never felt so young before<br>There was so much life to see<br>Yet I knew there must be more<br><br>But those days are gone now [02:40]<br>Changed like a leaf on a tree<br>Blown away forever<br>Into the cool autumn breeze<br>The snow has now fallen<br>And I know where I stand<br>All of my childhood memories<br>Left lying in the sand<br><br>In my den of inequity [03:22]<br>Viciousness and delicacy<br>Struggled to find the sane<br>Struggled to ease the pain<br>Ignorance surrounding me<br>I've never been so filled with fear<br>Now I know that there is more<br>The warmth is gone<br>But the chill forever here<br><br>I'll always remember [04:18]<br>The chill of november<br>The news of the fall<br>The sounds in the hall<br>The clock on the wall, ticking away<br>Seize the day<br>I heard him say<br>Life will not always be this way.<br>Look around, and hear the sound<br>Another time like this can't be found.<br><br>We can learn from the past [05:13]<br>But those days are gone<br><br>In my frail, virgin mind [05:38]<br>Words have lost my way<br>I have to seize the day<br>To home I returned<br><br>Preparing for her flight [06:12]<br>I held with all my might<br>Fearing my deepest fright<br>She walked into the night<br>She turned for one last look<br>She looked me in the eye<br>I said, 'i love you... good-bye.'<br><br>Please don't go [06:50]<br><br>[instrumental section]<br><br>So far so few between [09:56]<br>My eyes filled full<br>With desire fulfilled<br>All my dreams came true<br>All the world,<br>And all of you<br>Everyday there's a constant reminder<br>Of all the pleasures we shared together<br>Love is not just a passing word<br>It's a state of heart that goes on forever<br><br>I was blinded by a paradise<br>Utopia high in the sky<br>The love there will never come away<br>Deep in sorrow, wandering faraway<br><br>I stood outside in the rain for us [11:09]<br>I tried to work out all of the pain for us<br>I sat alone and took the blame for us<br>My mind has torn and gone insane for us<br><br>Innocent sinner [11:34]<br>Repeat offender<br>Promiscuous promiser<br>A faith lender<br>Indecisive decisions<br>Torn with heartless divisions<br>Watering all my visions of love<br><br>Of all the world, I give to you [12:48]<br>All of the world,<br>All the world, I give to you<br>All of the world<br><br>[instrumental section]<br><br>I'm much wiser now [17:13]<br>A lifetime of memories<br>Run through my head<br>Memories they taught me<br>For better or worse, alive or dead<br>I realize, there's no turning back<br>Life goes on the offbeaten track<br><br>I sit down with my son [17:53]<br>Can't you see the crimson sunset<br>He's my only one<br>Now that my time has come<br>Now that my day is done<br>Looking into the sun he said<br>'don't go, don't go,<br>Please don't go, now.<br>Don't go, don't go, don't go, don't go.'

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