DRAKE - You Know You Know

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Please make your long story shorter

Time is of the essence for the king of third quarter

Numbers do the talking I have nothing for reporters

I just hope we make these flights

and don’t get held up at the border

Yeah, and you can spare me the accolades

I’m the only reason you can find my city on the Atlas page

Half a million dollars later and my tax is paid

and I’m still spending money from my acting days

Man, I swear life is such a lovely thing

feel the perks that a seven figure budget bring

Tell your girlfriend that I can pull some f-cking strings

so were courtside when Lebron get a f-cking ring

yeh I’ll bet I’ll be there, I’ll be there

You see that 62 sittin outside, that’s me there

leapin to the top, that’s my leap year, prepare

Puttin it in overtime, I never said it’d be fair

I’m always left wishing that I could of done it in person

My apologizes to all of the ones I was hurting

I got new girls, but none of they love is for certain

I call old girls, but none of they numbers are workin’

Damn, what happened to us?

Life can always change, you have to adjust

How come when I got a party, you stare at me in disgust

they pay us just to have fun, you should see that as a plus

Especially when I come flyin’ through the door

And kindly ignore

The paparazzi outside trying to record

Why has every woman never dined here before?

Am I the only twenty-three-year-old wine connoisseur?


It’s always nice when you’re out with someone that notices

My condo got that art gallery openess

I’m just really hoping it isn’t what your motive is

They aint rooting for me

They aint clapping for me

I’m only saying can somebody just be happy for me

I really hate to say I told you so

So I bite my tongue..

But you know you know<br />

<br />

Thanks to adriana

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