DRAKE - Where Were You

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Took if from signing my own yearbook to booked for the year

Got a condo and I couldn't even cook for you here

Took it from bs checks to T S sex

To people wondering if it's the phantom he gets next

Who knows, it's the rabbit it's buzzing for real here

The rapper everybody got a cousin he's feeling

And it's kinda ironic you fit with them

Cause they wasn't really around when it wasn't appealing

Now it's denim

Four star rooms are the worst you stay in

(I love the

What girl that wasn't me who's verse you saying

Sh—t I would never tell you nothing like that

Them other n-ggas you spend on, cuff em like that

See the difference with me I don't forget the past

And you gave me nothing so I'm gonna give you nothing right back, like...

Where were you when I...

Would'a loved the person you trying to be now

It's funny I'm the dude you dying to see now

Where were you when I...

... was past out, cash drought, assed out

I know you here now but

Where were you when I was...

Young, dumb,

Looking in the mirrror trying to figure out who I'm gonna be this year

It's funny you managed to be around for the present

All puns intended your funds are mended

If I take back the chedder it's better for both us

No debts owed we can both let go

Before this I could never get a car from ya

Now all texts finish XOXO

But this ain't hollywood squares to me

Sweetie I'm far from a hollywood charity

And I bet when you talking to your friends

You messing with other dudes that you probably compare to me

But if it's not Drake and one of us wrong you forget my birthday and know none of my songs

You coulda told me before your heart wasn't in it, fine

But don't try to get a start at the finish line


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