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<i>[Jimmy Kimmel:]</i> Check this out

<i>[Jimmy Kimmel:]</i> Here's a Tweet from Shaquille O'Neal

<i>[Drake:]</i> Yeah?

<i>[Jimmy Kimmel:]</i> Dat 2 year old smokin on the internet, is dat real?

<i>[Jimmy Kimmel:]</i> And here's another one from Larry King

<i>[Jimmy Kimmel:]</i> Whoever came up with Peanut Butter and Jelly

<i>[Jimmy Kimmel:]</i> Deserves a Nobel Prize in Something.

<i>[Drake:]</i> Let me try, this one's from Justin Bieber's list

<i>[Drake:]</i> He says, "Hey, Did you know that bed bugs really do exist? "

<i>[Jimmy Kimmel:]</i> I didn't!

<i>[Drake:]</i> Jessica Simpson posted one I just seen...

<i>[Drake:]</i> She said My bro-in-law gave me a book to read...

<i>[Jimmy Kimmel:]</i> Oooh, that was mean.


Follow You Follow Me

Tweet Tweet...

<i>[Drake:]</i> Tell me something now...

Follow Me Follow You


<i>[Jimmy Kimmel:]</i> Tell me nothing now

What are you thinkin? Just...

Tweet Tweet


I want your update...

Follow You Follow Me Follow me...

<i>[Drake:]</i> I saw a Tweet from Amanda Bines...

<i>[Drake:]</i> She said I like black men, I'm very attracted to them, fyi

<i>[Jimmy Kimmel:]</i> Who isn't?

<i>[Jimmy Kimmel:]</i> Here's somethin Demi want us to know...

<i>[Drake:]</i> Lovato?

<i>[Jimmy Kimmel:]</i> Yeah - "My waiter's name was nacho."

<i>[Drake:]</i> Tila Tequila's getting hungry as a mother...

<i>[Drake:]</i> "We are spraying whipped cream all over each other."

<i>[Jimmy Kimmel:]</i> Yuck.

<i>[Jimmy Kimmel:]</i> Let's not forget one Ashton Kutcher did.

<i>[Jimmy Kimmel:]</i> "Did you know fish have NO EYE LIDS! "

<i>[Drake:]</i> Deep... <i>[nodding]</i>


<i>[Drake:]</i> Want to know how Britney Spears stays lean?

<i>[Jimmy Kimmel:]</i> She says, "My daddy got me a Blizz Berry Machine"

<i>[Jimmy Kimmel:]</i> Michael Jordan is a Twitterin' pimp,

<i>[Drake:]</i> He said "On new years, I had way too many shrimp."


<i>[Jimmy Kimmel & Drake:]</i> Heidi Montag picked up some Chinese food...

<i>[Jimmy Kimmel & Drake:]</i> Paris Hilton goin to the club she needs a new dude...

<i>[Jimmy Kimmel & Drake:]</i> Lil Bow Wow got an x-box tattoo

<i>[Jimmy Kimmel & Drake:]</i> Snoop Dogg askin, "What it do, neffew? "


<i>[Drake:]</i> Young moolah baby...

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