DRAKE - The Zone

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Woah, all these broken hearts on that pole

Man if pole dancers an art you know how many f-ckin' artists I know

Got some new bills in the mail

Got some big favours I owe

Got some good things ahead of me

When these bad bitches let go

Well, girl let's go

Walk your broken heart through that door

Sit yo sexy ass on that couch

Wipe that lipstick off of your mouth

I take it slow

She in love with my crew

She said make enough so I can try some

I thought taking drugs jus' ain't you

Yeah girl, just be you

And I do this shit for my hometown

It being going down it ain't new

That's that north north, that up top

That OVO and that XO

Your girlfriend at our next show

But it's all good, don't stress though

First night f-ck, never really planned it

Take a deep breath, no need to panic

Lips so French, ass so Spanish

You don't really like attention, I don't know if she gon manage out here

But she got me all up in my zone

Said she like the view I got in this place

Shit I did all of that on my own

Oh yeah

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