DRAKE - Tell Your Friends

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(Intro )

Live from the Waldorf in Berlin

Comin at you once again

With stories of truth and stories of sin


Yeah, the ball is in your court

No defense, nobody’s keep a score

No offense but I’ve played this before

Maybe you can but you just don’t care anymore

Evolvin, evolvin, evolvin, yeah

And I’m right back here when I said I would

You were never a good girl but you’re a better woman now

Evolvin 4

Look, you remind me of Jane Birkin

Your body insane in person

Wanna do special things for you

You deserve it

But you’re too famous to buy you purses

That barely scratches the surface

This time is different, you give me purpose

Tell me you takin it serious

I gotta ask how serious?

Cuz your serious has just been not that serious

Got me on tour actin like I’m not that curious

Ignoring all the pussy that’s thrown at me

Been thinking bout home actually

Where Roxx has Kim and Mark has Ashley

And Niks has Ezee

And I, I don’t even know what I have anymore

Evolvin x 4

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