DRAKE - Tell Me Lies

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They say it's simple

But arent you wasting time

Too tell the truth boy

Why do you have to lie

Look me and the mic we co-exist

Ma flow is a glass box with no exits

So you could upload why u trackin it

Took my ladies track and sprinkled some rap in it

You tellin me lies

What's wrong with being someone else

No shame with living life that way

Tell me lies

They like please, please tell me your reality J

We can't fell on how we feel forever defined

Ma mother always told me what to do with my best foot

So too this day you know that it ain't never behind

And metaphorically I'm ahead of the rest

And proud of the fact that I've accomplished that

And everytime I say that I can do it myself

In the same way I wonder where my accompish is at

It's like tell me anything but the truth cause

I don't really know if I can take it now

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