DRAKE - Sweeterman (Remix)

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Girl I know you wan’, you know I wan’

Yea’, she keep givin’ me looks, yea

Hotter than the 6 in the summer, that ass, girl I wan’

(Verse )

Girl I know you wan’

You know I wan’

Yeah, she keep givin’ me looks

Yea, girl I know you wan’

She's a spice, ride pipe like bike, like Yokohama

She heard the ting bend like banana

So she wan’ give me the adu-na-na-nei, ooh, ooh, yea


She say I'm a sweeterman

But she say that she don't need a man

I say why don't we make an agreement then

We can just fuck while we're being friends


[Girl I know you wanna

You know I wanna] x 2


Shawty too fly thow, that's all I know

She don't sing songs, but if I go strong she gonna hit this high note

She know she workin’ with the na-na

And she wanna give me the adu-na-na-ney, ooh

(Pre-Hook) + (Hook)


Ride the pipe like a bike,

Do the things you know I like,

I'm the man in my ends,

You're the one, let's not pretend


[Cuz the pussy too good, drink too strong

Yiy too change, I'm too sprung, yeah] x 2

(Hook x 2)

(Verse )

Yeah, she keep givin’ me looks x 2

I need you right here beside me

If you oblige me, I'll hang it up, and I'll never come out of retirement

You should just sleep on it, you shouldn't doubt me

It would be different without me

What is it without me?

Don't go do nuthin’ without me

This is a blessing, mashalah, walahi

I swear my life story's better than stories they tell in the bible

They got it twisted

Ride the pipe like a bike, make sure you're goin’ in distance

And if he wasn't with it, then why were you with him?

Maybe you just had to realize

That knowin’ the difference can make all the difference, ooh

She wan’ ride me that ada-nu-na-na, ooh

Yea she keep give me look, ooh

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