DRAKE - Successful (Unreleased)

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Part of me wished that I could meet with all you haters in person

They got a lot of feelings for me they just ain’t certain

How to express themselve when I walk into the club

and take stairs like the f-cking elevator ain’t working

Yeah, cause they know the promoter paid you

You wouldn’t of come if somebody hadn’t of made you

You just looking forward to seeing woman that played you

And shitting on the men they get engaged to

I swear its like.. ugh more confidence and less fear

We can discuss it further when ya’ll manage to get here

Diddy here, O here, Skinny here, Rex here

and we just having one of them conversations bout’ next year

I’mma kill it, I promise thats how I know you mad

I’ve always treated my city like some shoulder pads

The big homie: use a flash if you must

And I swear I ain’t asking for much

All I want is..

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Thanks to adrianna

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