DRAKE - Spread My Wings

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feat. Jaye

All I think about is stunting on them bastards

So I can channel up the years of they laughed

But it ain't who laughs first but who laughs after

Ashamed of my … can't look at the past

Still lusting at the life like a phantom or a casper

Trying to get you to see the images I capture

The fury and the flow is equivalent to a rapture

Tumors on my tongue words infected with that cancer

Style is immaculate, persistence is extravagant

Just came out well imagine if I'm back again

… so fresh just bust through the packaging

The pride I cherish I use it for a shield

Kind of guy that will … before asking for a meal

I read that use a skill, animal instincts

If I'm hungry I kill so if my dog's starving for the meat

We can eat for a week

Leaving at … beheaded at my feet

Forever fly till I die, weapons coming by the fleet

Revenge is the satisfy money's just a sweet

The key to success is seeing the defeat

I come through, nigger I come through

When you're popping all these women wanna hop on you

And if I said I'm gonna drop I'll bring your drop on through

You're just talking about a bunch of shit you're not gonna do

Fucking goof ass rappers, please die slow

Look at all the money on the trees I grow

I rap hard, see dot o, and it's about as far most of these guys go

I ain't never fronting trying look all thug

I'll be on my desk with my foots all up

And all these sessions with these dough boys turned rappers

Got me chiefing like the kansas city football club

Watch your girl around heart break Drake

If I'm around the hater I do not part take

Beating up your block hope you locked y'all gate

I'm glad that everybody is awake

Yeah, I just wanna spread my wings

Headed to the castle just to cut my queens

Yeah, I just wanna spread my wings

Headed to the castle just to cut my queens.<br />

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